(Last Updated On: February 1, 2019)

Kenyan’s favorite and adorable couple DJ MO and Size 8 are admired and envied by many, they are ultimate Kenyan couple and family goals.Today will take a look at 5 tests DJ Mo gave Size 8 before he decided to marry her.

When you are a celebrity it can be hard to tell who truly wants you or who is with you for the fame, money and glory.
Before Dj Mo decided to settle down with her he needed to be sure.This made him subject Size 8 to some tests for her to undergo before he could marry her.

“Nilimpitishia test mingi sana na akapita zote.” Disclosed Dj Mo.

Below are the 5 Tests DJ Mo gave Size 8 before he decided to marry her.

Test 1

Mo revealed when he was ready to settle down he got a house in Githurai 44, one of the most ‘feared’ city areas and he invited her over.One had to jump some mtar0 before one could get to his house.During this time,Size 8 had already started working with Safaricom and was living in South B where she paid Sh 35,000 per month.

“When I knew I wanted to settle down I moved to a house in Githurai 44, somewhere ‘funny’ near Zimmerman.” And he invited her over for a visit one day when she had reached ‘baller-status’ working with Safaricom and lived in a 35,000 Kshs house in South B.

“She used to have a Toyota Celica, had a driver and when she came she would wear a hood, ruka mtar0 then come.” He revealed.

Test 2

DJ Mo, wasn’t that perfect at home like in the streets, he was just like any other boychild who doesn’t-carry out house chores daily.The house was dirty,untidy and his socks and clothes were scattered all over the living room.
When she came to visit him she tidied the house sparkling clean and organized well and neat than she found it.

“The DJ Mo in the house was different from DJ Mo on TV.” He said. But Size 8 wasn’t deterred by the state of the house and when DJ Mo left for town; his house was squeaky clean when he came in the evening.

Test 3

The third test was that he delayed buying a car for for months not because he didn’t have money at hand but to see whether she would accept him without a car.

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Test 4

The fouth test was asking Size 8 for money not because he didn’t have but because he wanted to find out if she could handle a DJ Mo who wasn’t very ‘financially stable’. And she did and even sent him money.

Test 5

Unlike his colleagues who go to fancy hotels and resort for meals.Dj Mo took Size 8 to Kibanda and to his surprise Size 8 was okay with it considering her name was big and was already working with Safaricom in a deal that saw her earn millions.

“Nikampima tusosie kwa kibanda and she said cool no problem.”

After these 5 tests, he learnt that Size 8 wasn’t about the money and was in love with Samuel Muraya and not DJ Mo the celebrity.

“She understood me, most girls weren’t real with me and some worshipped me because of my name , they didn’t understand the real me.” Confessed DJ Mo.

And that was how Size 8 passed all the tests set for her to become the wife to Mo.

“Mavijana pitishia mtu exam.” He said because he believes that the person who is meant for you will pass with flying colours.

“If you love this woman and she loves you there are those exams utampitishia and they will pass automatically. If someone is there for your wealth you will know.” He said.