(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

Head of Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Ezekiel Mutua is a very angry man.This is after Singer Akothee did the unthinkable on National live television.

Moral police Ezekiel Mutua today Morning revealed how he feel ashamed and saddened by the way Mother of two dressed on Friday night during the 10 over 10 show on Citizen TV.

On the program Akothee came to show dressed in Handkerchief skirt exposing her nudity to the public.This did not go down well with public,hence flooding Ezekiel Mutua’s social media accounts with cries to ban the show.The public reported on Akothee’s inappropriate dressing and how the show has audience who are underage and skimpily dressed.

Below is what Ezekiel Mutua wrote on his Facebook account.

Since Friday night, I have received numerous complaints from TV viewers regarding inappropriate content on 10/10 on Citizen TV hosted by Willis Raburu. Of great concern was the segment featuring Akothee but some viewers also say that some of the audience appeared like underage children. It’s not the first time we are receiving complaints about 10/10 and the infantile behavior of the Show hosts. It was a shame to see someone claiming to be a mother of five parade her nudity on TV as the Show host cheered on and urged the young audience to cheer as well. Yet, apart from the allegations of having underage children on the Show, it’s outside the remit of the Board as it comes past the watershed period (5am – 10pm).

Obviously, media houses have a duty to uphold morals and professionalism in their work, but we all know that most journalists in Kenya lack creativity and think the only way to popularize their programs is by airing lewd and obscene content. Willis Raburu is such one character.

The Board has proposed a raft of measures to protect children from exposure to premature sexual experiences on media. Last week we had the chance to share this with the Senate Committee on ICT and we are hoping to meet their counterpart in the National Assembly in the coming weeks, after which we shall push for an amendment to the law, including redefining the watershed period. In the meantime, we continue to appeal to parents and adults in general to be responsible and guide the children on the kind of content they watch.

Most of the challenges we have in society today, particularly the unrest in schools and bizzare incidents of homosexuality are as a result of the bad content kids are exposed to. It’s not just Citizen TV that’s a problem. We have issues with Churchill Show on NTV having a segment on children (Totos Corner), yet most of the jokes are of adult nature. Most media houses do not observe ethical standards and are out to make money at all costs. There’s need for concerted efforts to build a morally upright society. The media must set the agenda by observing the watershed period to ensure that content aired during prime time is suitable for family viewing. Let’s not trade our values for money!

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