(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

Police arrest Jacque Maribe’s fiance Joe Irungu for Killing Monica Kimani in Kilimani.Last Thursday night Kenyans were shocked by news of a   29 year old woman who had a bright future was Found Dead on a bathtub Inside her Apartment while, her Throat was Slit open.

This heinous act prompted speedy investigations by detectives over the murder.Police have a suspect by the name of Joe Irungu who is Jacque Maribe’s husband.The detectives have termed him as person of interest on the murder case.

According to the police, the suspect reported to Langata Police Station that he was shot by unknown people after he had dropped the journalist on Friday morning at Royal Park Estate.

Jowie further explains that he dropped Maribe off at her Royal Park Estate apartment when he noticed three men hanging around the gate. The three men allegedly shot the bouncer and then took off using a motorbike.

Maribe has also been questioned and has admitted to having taken her boyfriend to the hospital on the said day

Detectives handling the case say that his story does not match because there were no gunshots reported on the night he says he was shot.

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Police could not corroborate the shooting incident as claimed by the man as no cartridges were found. The neighbors and guards on duty say they did not hear any gunshots on the said day.

“We have not established the motive of the shooting. No spent cartridge was recovered at the scene but the probe is ongoing,” said an officer aware of the incident.

Police sources say an analysis of Irungu’s mobile phone data shows that he communicated with the deceased, arranged and her picked from the airport and drove her to her house at Kilimani estate.

Reports indicated that Ms Kimani was in the company of a white man, a neighbour when three other men, known to her showed up. The third man, in a white kanzu who identified himself as a pastor is said to have killed her in cold blood. The neighbor positively identified him at a police parade on Tuesday morning.

Coincidentally, the deceased was scheduled to travel to Dubai where the suspect works as a security guard for vacation on the day her body was found in the apartment.

Jowie, a known party animal, is apparently a trained mercenary for hire. He works in the UAE as a bouncer and sometimes works with politicians as a private security guard

Some of the Kenyans believe Joe Irungu shot himself to create an alibi for himself.