(Last Updated On: April 26, 2019)

Tanasha Donna has been the talk of town after she was swept off her feet by the popular singer Diamond Platnumz .Today will take a look at the 15 Unbelievable facts about Diamond Platnumz girlfriend Tanasha Donna.

She is currently dating Tanzania star Diamond Platnumz.This led to series of mixed reactions from her fans some being happy and others warning her not to date the community husband who may later dump her a$$.

Is Tanasha Donna Pregnant?Check our last post below to find out.

Checkout the 15 Unbelievable facts about Diamond Platnumz girlfriend Tanasha Donna below.

1.Her full name is Tanasha Donna Barbieri Oketch aka Zahara Zaire

2.Tanasha is a Kenyan lady who was born in Luo Nyanza.Her luo name is Oketch.

3.She is of mixed race, half Kenyan and Italian.Her parents are from Italy and Kenya.

4.She studied tourism in Belgium.She can speak fluently 5 languages namely French,Dutch,Spanish,English and Kiswahili.

5.She is songstress and video vixen.She was featured in Ali Kiba’s video “Nagharamia” as a video vixen.

6.She is only 22 years old a perfect match for his prince charming Diamond who is 28 years old

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7.She broke up with Nick Mutuma the MTV SHUGA actor in August 2017 after dating for about 8 months.They broke up over issues they could not sort out

8.She was rumoured to be TZ bongo star Ali Kiba’s fiance after he hinted he was going to marry a Kenyan woman although Tanasha has denied the rumours.

9.She is the C.E.O and founder of her company called ‘FOR HER LUXURY HAIR’.Her company sells quality brazillian and Peruvian hair.

10.Tanasha has a big passion for Kenya and once represented it during a Miss Africa competition event in Belgium.

11.She has been living in Italy since she was just 11 years old.

12.She is a radio presenter in NRG radio.

13.She has 5 tattoos on her body.She loves fashion gigs,also a model to boot

14.Her favourite local designer is Firyal,her clothing line is called ‘Nur’.Tanasha was the african perspective magazine issue 5 featured model

15.She was to be married early this year February 14th.The wedding unfortunately was called off and postponed indefinitely.

Is Tanasha Donna Pregnant?
Word making rounds on social media is that Tanansha Donna’s baby bump and pregnancy hormones have started showing. Apparently she is currently 4 months pregnant but so far we cannot confirm whether this is true or not.

However, a few days ago Tanasha was spotted shopping around with her in laws and judging from the photos making rounds on social media; the lady appears to have added some weight and if I’m not wrong her nose is also getting puffy.

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